Time Machine Tuesday: Colorado’s First Ladies

March is Women’s History Month, an appropriate time to recognize the First Ladies of our state.  Whether they came to Colorado as pioneers or worked to leave the state a better place, these ladies led very interesting lives. In the 1960s and ’70s Helen Cannon of the Colorado Historical Society profiled a number of the state’s earliest first ladies in Colorado Magazine, which is now available online.  The following ladies were profiled.

Finally, for a look at some of the more recent First Ladies, see the Colorado Historical Society’s book Queen of the Hill: The Private Life of the Colorado Governor’s Mansion, available for checkout from our library.

Julia Pratte Gilpin
Margaret Gray Evans
Ellen Kellogg Hunt
Mary Thompson McCook
Josephine Evans Elbert
Eliza Pickrell Routt
Fidelia James Pitkin
Mary Goodell Grant
Rebecca Hill Eaton
Ella Nye Adams
Jane Barnes Cooper
Celia Crane Waite
Emma Fletcher Thomas
Nellie Martin Orman
Frances Clelland Peabody
Amy Zimmer

Amy Zimmer

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