Flood plains and you

According to the Colorado Water Conservation Board, Flood Protection Program web site, there are estimated to be 65,000 homes and 15,000 commercial, industrial, and business structures in identified floodplains. There are likely many more structures located within unmapped flood hazard areas. To learn more about the Flood Protection Program go to their website and check out the Flood Preparedness Brochure.
The Colorado State Publications Library has several studies performed by the Army Corps of Engineers of flood plains around the state. Checking out some of these could tell you if you live on a flood plain.
If you think you live on a flood plain or wonder if you need flood insurance, you can go to the Division of Insurance’s website and check out the Flood Insurance brochure.

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  1. It is a very interesting and useful program. I think that many people found if they are living in a flood plain or if they need a flood plan insurance.

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