Colorado’s Hot Spots

Do you know where the hottest spot in Colorado is? According to the Colorado Geological Survey, the hottest spot in the state isn’t Denver, Aspen, or Vail but a large area between Cortez and Montrose, Colorado. To find out other hot spots in Colorado check out the Heat Flow map on the Colorado Geological Survey website. Other interesting maps found on “Statewide Maps of Colorado” include: Digital elevation model — Digital elevation model from the east — Distribution of rocks by age — Earthquake map –Earthquake map server — Fourteeners (14,000 ft. Peaks) — General interest — Geology — Glaciers in CO during the last ice age — Gravity — Late Cenozoic fault and fold database — Magnetics — Major rivers in CO — Major tectonic & geographic features — Mines — Physiographic provinces — Shaded relief map.
All the maps are interesting, informative, and colorful. Check them out for a unique and fun experience with some of the lessor known aspects of Colorado.

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