Children’s Literacy Resources

The Children’s Literacy Resources page published by the Colorado State Library, reports that 35% of U. S. children enter public schools at substantial risk for early academic difficulties because they lack readiness skills. Children, who start school behind, typically stay behind.
Children’s experience with books plays an important role in readiness skills. Very young children DON’T need to learn to read or be forced to practice with pencils or memorize the alphabet. But from birth through kindergarten, they MUST take part in many activities to prevent later difficulties in reading, writing, and other tasks of formal schooling.
The Children’s Literacy Resources page provides information on who can and how to provide the kind of experience with books and words that will enable the child to succeed. It also provides several links for on-line resources for parents including:
Reading tips for parents and “Free resources on Early Childhood Literacy
Colorado State Publications Library catalog list several other items on literacy including a pamphlet entitled “Getting ready for kindergarten :bReady? Set? Go!” which can be checkedout.

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