On a recent trip to my favorite mountainous area of Colorado, favorite because it has changed the least from the “old days”, I experienced a bit of nostalgia for the Colorado that I grew up in. Upon my return, I checked into some of the older, 1960’s -1970’s, tourism material in our collection, taking a trip down memory lane with the pictures and facts about Colorado at that time:

Colorful Colorado map, 1966: No interstates shown on this map
Colorado Facts, 1976
Living in Colorado, 1973
Colorado, the Ultimate Fringe Benefit, 1977
Colorado Adventure Guide, 1979
Colorado Accommodations Guide, 1981:
Shows a selection of rentals in Vail for $25 – $40 !
Colorful Colorado Invites You! 1974: Full of pictures, one showing camping on the shore of Maroon Lake, definitely not allowed now.

Going way back (not in my lifetime), a favorite Colorado travel book in our collection is Colorado: a Summer Trip, an account of author Bayard Taylor’s travels through Colorado in 1866.

All of these titles, and others on the topic, are searchable in our on-line catalog and available for loan.

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