The Colorado WIC Program

Colorado’s WIC (Women, Infants and Children) program helps moms, babies, and young children access healthy foods and helpful resources on nutrition, breastfeeding, and health. The program is open to income-eligible families which can include pregnant women and women with children under 5 years old. Members of the program receive a WIC card which can be used for obtaining free, healthy food (for qualifying products, look for the WIC label on grocery store shelves), as well as personalized nutrition counseling, breastfeeding resources and equipment, and referrals for low-cost medical care and services. The program is sponsored by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Information can be found on the WIC website,

Since one of the WIC goals is nutrition education, the program has issued a variety of helpful resources. These include videos as well as nutrition and recipe books like The WIC Bean Book (also available in Spanish).

The program also offers a variety of resources for health care providers and for retailers, including program manuals, a nutrition education plan workbook, and a guide to WIC-eligible foods and infant formulas as well as data reports on topics such as obesity rates among program participants and a participant satisfaction survey.

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