The Colorado READ Act

The Colorado READ Act (Reading to Ensure Academic Development Act) is a law passed by the State Legislature in 2012 (House Bill 12-1238). “The READ Act creates a system to identify students experiencing challenges with reading, to engage parents in the development of reading improvement plans and to provide quality support for those most at risk,” according to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE). As an early literacy program, the READ Act is intended to help struggling readers in the primary grades.

As back-to-school time nears, parents may have questions about the program and how it may benefit their child. CDE has set up a helpful Information for Parents webpage. Here parents can find videos and fact sheets about the program, as well as ideas on promoting early literacy at home.

Educators and others can learn more about the READ Act on the program’s website. You can also access the program’s annual legislative reports from our library. Finally, see this Issue Brief from the Colorado Legislative Council for legislative information on the READ Act.