Special Legislative Session Starts November 30

This year a special session of the Legislature has been called to deal with issues surrounding COVID-19 in Colorado. Typically, the Colorado General Assembly meets from January through May, but if significant issues arise during off-months a special session can be called by the governor. This year was unusual, too, since the regular session had to be delayed due to COVID-19.

Many of the bills introduced during this year’s special session deal with taxes, grants, and emergency relief funding, while others focus on the state’s disaster emergency processes. You can find and track all legislative bills on the General Assembly’s website. (In the “session” dropdown menu, set the selection to 2020 Extraordinary Session.) Once the session concludes, finalized bills (Acts) will be available on this site as well.

The session is only expected to last a few days. Go to http://leg.colorado.gov/session-schedule for House and Senate calendars with committee schedules. To learn more about the committees and to sign up to testify at a committee hearing, go to the site’s committee page. You can also watch live and recorded broadcasts of the special session at https://www.coloradochannel.net/.


Photo by Tony Eitzel courtesy of Colorado General Assembly.