Take and Make Activity Database

During the pandemic, take and make activities for all ages have been very popular in libraries! They’re a great (and screen-free) way to provide programming and fun enrichment activities while there’s no in-house programming possible.

As there are so many libraries in Colorado creating take and make activities, Kacee Eddinger of the Montrose Regional Library District had a great idea: let’s make a way to share these activities that libraries have created to avoid reinventing the wheel and make it easy to exchange ideas and promising practices.

To that end, this handy spreadsheet contains details about take and make activities for all ages from libraries across the state. It is an excellent place to shop for ideas for your next take and make!


Want to add your library’s take and make activities to the database to share with colleagues statewide? Simply input as much of the info about each of your take and make activities as possible in the form below (photos are welcome but not required) to share the info with other library staff. (Please note: the general public will not have access to the info about your take and make activities; this is for sharing within the library community.)


Looking for even more about take and makes? View some excellent tips and examples from a recent youth services meeting on this topic:


Please let me know if you have questions or run into any issues.


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