Safe and Healthy Cooking for the Holidays

The holiday food season has arrived! But there are ways that you can still enjoy Thanksgiving dinner and other holiday goodies with an eye on healthier eating. Updating Food Preparation to Promote Health is a publication from the Colorado State University Extension that offers handy tips on ways you can still cook and bake your favorite foods, but modify the recipes to cut down on fat and calories, sugar, and sodium. “Ingredients can be eliminated completely, reduced in amount, or replaced with a more nutritionally acceptable ingredient.” Check out this fact sheet to learn about some healthy substitutions, as well as ways to add nutrition.

When considering food preparation, safety is another key component. Especially around the holidays, when we are eating a variety of rich foods that aren’t part of our normal diet or cooking routine, the potential for foodborne illness and other food safety issues is increased. See the fact sheets on Bacterial Foodborne Illness and Guide to Washing Fresh Produce for helpful tips. And what would Thanksgiving be without leftovers? For information on preserving leftover food, see Food Storage for Safety and Quality.

Happy Thanksgiving!