Camping and Campfire Safety

Planning to go camping this weekend? The Labor Day holiday is just a few days away.

The Colorado Division of Parks & Wildlife has some great resources that will help any camper plan. In addition to details on camping in our many state parks, they have pulled together a list of essential camping gear and menu suggestions, along with a list of essential items to take when you are hiking.

Fire restrictions vary from county to county, so it’s always a good idea to check and see what the status is for your camping destination. The Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management has pulled together all the fire ban information in one place. The site also has a map showing current wildfires in Colorado.

If you do decide to build a campfire, make sure that you know your campfire etiquette before striking that match. This video and website from the Colorado Tourism Office and Care for Colorado has tips on how to have safe and responsible campfires. If a campfire is important to you, here are some of their tips:

  • Ask rangers about pertinent regulations and campfire management techniques.
  • Judge the wind, weather, location and wood availability. Decide whether it’s safe and responsible to build a campfire.
  • Where there are no fire rings or grates, bring a fire pan or set aside time to build a mound fire.
  • Have a container for dousing the ashes with water.
  • Keep the fire small. Small fires consume fewer resources and leave less impact, but they still provide a cozy social atmosphere desired by campfire devotees.

Campfire Etiquette

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