Business and Economic Updates

Business and economic conditions are constantly changing here in Colorado, especially now due to the situations caused by the pandemic. To help business leaders and economists stay on top of Colorado’s business climate, the University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business offers up-to-date information in three quarterly publications:

Quarterly Business & Economic Indicatorsthe Colorado Secretary of State’s Office has teamed up with Leeds to produce this quarterly update with statistics on new business filings, renewals, dissolutions, and trade names. Each report also provides data analysis.

Leeds Business Confidence Indexissued quarterly since 2003, this publication “captures Colorado business leaders’ expectations for the national economy, state economy, industry sales, profits, hiring plans, and capital expenditures.” The publication uses a point-system index to provide comparisons of current conditions with recent quarters.

Colorado Business Reviewthis publication from Leeds’ Business Research Division offers analysis on the state’s current economic conditions including employment data, outlooks and forecasts, and comparisons with other states. Information focused on specific industries and sub-sectors is also provided.

These are just a few of the many business and economic resources available for access through the State Publications Library. For more, search the library’s online catalog or see our Colorado Business and Economic Information online resource guide.