Avalanches in Colorado

While it may seem that the snow cover is simply a beautiful winter’s blanket, it is
more complicated and dangerous than many people realize. Snow avalanches are a geologic hazard for anyone who lives in or travels through the mountains of Colorado. Several publications in our collection contain information on avalanches in the state. Two interesting publications are from RockTalk published by the Colorado Geological Survey. The October 2000 issue discusses avalanche formation and release as well as safety tip and gear, and educational opportunities for the winter sport enthusiast. The July 2004 covers the Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC), history and statistics of avalanche in Colorado (avalanche fatalities —1860 to 2004. Total known deaths are 643), an in depth discussion of why the snow pack in Colorado is more prone to avalanches than in other areas of the U.S., and a brief look at how avalanche forecasting helps CDOT keep the winter highways safer. Check out these or any of the other 30 items in our collection that discuss avalanches.

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