University Faculty/Staff Salaries

At our library we often get questions about where to find a listing of salaries for state-funded university faculty and staff.  Many universities list the salaries online — however, due to privacy, the salaries for the larger universities are not associated with any names, but are listed by department and position only.

To find salaries for the University of Colorado (all campuses), go to their salary database at

Salary data for CSU (Fort Collins) is available in their Compensation Report.  CSU-Pueblo data is in their Staffing Pattern.

Metropolitan State University of Denver salaries can be found here.  Western State Colorado University salaries can be found in the Staffing Pattern; contact the college for access.

Some universities do not have their personnel information readily available on their websites, due to privacy.  For help locating salary information for these schools, contact the university administration or contact our library — we are happy to help.

Finally, older data for many state colleges and universities is available in print under titles Personnel Roster or Staffing Pattern; search our library’s web catalog for issue information.  Some of the older publications do contain individual names, having been done prior to privacy rules taking effect.