The Future of Work

This week, Governor Polis signed Executive Order B 2019 009, which creates the new Office of Future of Work. The office will address the changing nature of working in Colorado, such as rapidly evolving technology; the growing number of workers who juggle multiple jobs; the rising costs of housing and healthcare; and the growth of the “gig economy” — members of the workforce who engage in contract, freelance, and/or temporary work that does not provide pension and health benefits as in traditional jobs.

The office will bring together stakeholders to work toward creating “an economy that helps workers adapt to the new and changing job landscape,” according to the Executive Order. “Colorado must understand, prepare for, and develop effective strategies to respond to these changes.” To that end, the Office of Future of Work will research and analyze workforce trends and develop recommendations on how Colorado can adapt to the changing nature of work. The new office will be housed within the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, and will coordinate closely with the Governor’s Office, the Department of Local Affairs, and the Department of Higher Education.

In recent years the State of Colorado has published several studies on workforce trends, higher education needs, and other topics relating to the future of work. Search our online catalog for titles; some highlights include