The Colorado Recovery Plan

This month the Governor’s office, along with House and Senate leadership from both parties, issued The Colorado Recovery Plan, the state’s stimulus plan for economic recovery following COVID-19. Recently, the Colorado Legislative Council and the Governor’s Office of State Planning and Budgeting each released their quarterly economic forecasts, which show that the economy is rebounding somewhat faster than expected. Accordingly, the state plans “invest roughly $700 million into helping Colorado recover faster and build back stronger,” according to the Governor’s press release.

The Colorado Recovery Plan (PDF)

The plan has five goals:

  1. Strengthening small businesses
  2. Revitalizing our infrastructure
  3. Supporting Colorado families
  4. Investing in rural Colorado
  5. Developing our workforce

Each of these goals is outlined in further detail in The Colorado Recovery Plan, available to read online from the State Publications Library. Search the library’s online catalog for more publications related to COVID-19 and the economy.