Stream Management Plan Resource Library

The Colorado Water Conservation Board, along with partners at the River Network, have created a helpful website for agencies and individuals to learn about the stream management plan (SMP) process in Colorado. The Stream Management Plan Resource Library includes background information on the stream management plan process, a history of planning efforts, potential funding sources, benefits of planning, maps, and more.

The Resource Library is meant to help enlarge the pipeline of local coalitions that are interested, ready, and capable of undertaking Stream Management Plans, as well as advance the state of knowledge around how to craft effective and implementable SMPs. It will help coalitions think about why and how to undertake SMPs, develop thorough and rigorous scopes of work, and learn from current examples.

Five SMPs were approved so far in 2019, and these can also be viewed on the website. The Resource Library is a helpful tool for anyone interested in water management issues in Colorado.