The Colorado Dept. of Public Safety and the Colorado Attorney General’s Office are both supporters of the non-profit organization Safe-2-Tell, which is a way for teens to anonymously report what they know about crimes being planned or that have already happened. Because teens are often scared or embarrassed to talk to parents, teachers, counselors, and the like, Safe-2-Tell offers an anonymous, safe way to get help or to help save others, whether teens are themselves the victim or just know something about a crime. Although Safe-2-Tell is not a state program, it is, as mentioned above, strongly advocated by several state agencies and the director is an investigator with the Dept. of Public Safety. The number for the hotline is 1-877-542-SAFE. For more information on this program, visit Also, for other programs on reducing school violence, the Colorado Dept. of Public Safety has set up a School Safety Resources Webpage.