Resources for Back to School

It’s that time again…

CoSPL has an abundance of resources for students, parents, community members, and public officials concerning school information. Some questions that you might be asking yourself this time of year:

What will my child be learning this year? At CoSPL (and online) you can find the state’s Model Content Standards for K-12 for each subject, and not just reading and math, either – the guides include such diverse subjects as civics, theatre, and dance.

How good is my child’s school? School Accountability Reports provide these very valuable answers. According to the reports’ website, “Among many other items, you can learn about a school’s academic performance, CSAP results, safety and discipline incidents, student/teacher ratio, teacher qualifications and how taxpayer dollars are spent.”

My child has to take the CSAP this year. Where can I find information? The Unit of Student Assessment webpage has this info.

What about children with special needs? The Exceptional Student Services webpage can provide this information.

How can I find out if homeshooling is a good option? Visit CDE’s Home Schooling webpage.

What to take this semester? Or, where to apply? CoSPL collects the catalogs for each state institution of higher education, including public universities, state colleges, and community colleges. We have the catalogs in print, but most of them are also online, so check our web catalog for links.