Paint Your House

Do you own an old house?  Do you want it to faithfully evoke the era in which it was built?  If yes, our library has a unexpectedly great resource – the Paint Your Vintage House workbook.  This was actually the workbook from a CU-Colorado Springs workshop, but you didn’t need to take the class to benefit from the ideas and guidance presented in this helpful resource.  You’ll find information on color theory, a list of what colors were popular in what historical periods, what colors to paint details and trim, color selection exercises, and much more.  There’s also some fun quizzes to help you discover not only what color is best for your house, but which color you’ll enjoy based on your own tastes and preferences.  Even if you don’t have an old house, the color theory and quizzes can help you decide what colors work best for you, no matter what your house’s age.  It’s all designed to help you make your home look its very best.  (And for more fun, you can print it out and color the illustrations)!