Capitol Dome Restoration

If you’ve been downtown recently you’ve probably noticed that the Colorado State Capitol Building’s dome is wrapped with scaffolding under a large white cover.  It’s all part of restoration work that is going on to help restore and stabilize the dome of Colorado’s most important building.  Funding for the project is coming from the State Historical Fund and the Share in the Care Campaign, a private entity working with the state to raise money for the restoration.  They are required to report quarterly to the Legislature’s Capitol Development Committee and Capitol Building Advisory Committee.  For information on why the dome restoration is so urgent, see the State Historical Fund’s Historic Structure Assessment for the dome.  The assessment was done in 2006, so every year that passes would find more advanced deterioration of the building, but happily, now something is being done to make sure our iconic golden dome will continue to stand proudly for many years to come (and also not risk masonry falling on passerbys’ heads!)