Outdoor Ethics

Summer is here, and we’ve been stuck at home for months. Along with the fact that thousands of new residents have moved into Colorado in recent years, this means that more people than ever are visiting Colorado’s outdoors. So it’s important that each of us do our part to protect our natural resources and help ensure they are preserved for future generations.

If you live in Colorado you’ve probably heard the phrases “leave no trace” and “pack it in, pack it out,” reminders to enjoy our outdoors responsibly. The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics and the Colorado Tourism Office have teamed up to provide Coloradans with seven “Care for Colorado” principles for minimizing our impact on the outdoors:

  1. Know Before You Go
  2. Stick to Trails
  3. Trash the Trash
  4. Leave It As You Find It
  5. Be Careful With Fire
  6. Keep Wildlife Wild
  7. Share Our Trails & Parks

To learn more about each of the seven principles, check out their video overview and animated music video.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) is also working to bring together recreation and conservation. They’ve developed their own set of Outdoor Principles to guide their work. They’ve also instituted new conservation policies; for example, to help keep down the number of people visiting State Wildlife Areas and State Trust Lands, as of July 1 adult visitors are now required to have a valid hunting or fishing license. (For more on the new policy, see their FAQs and an article in their Colorado Outdoors blog). Visit CPW’s website for a variety of helpful resources, including Angler Ethics and tips on Living with Wildlife.