Offender Database and Information

Did you know that you can search a database for information on Colorado corrections inmates?  On the Department of Corrections’ Offender Search website, you can search by name and/or their correctional number.  Search results will include the offender’s name, age, corrections number, mugshot, ethnicity, gender, height, weight, eye color, hair color, parole/release/discharge dates as applicable, and list of current convictions.

If you are looking to contact an offender, the Department of Corrections website tells you how.  Contact can be made via email, telephone, or U.S. Mail.  The department’s website also gives information on how to wire money to an offender.  If you or a family member are victims of a crime, you can find victim services information on their website as well.

For statistical and other information on offenders in Colorado, see Departmental Reports and Statistics on the department’s website, or search our library’s online catalog.