How is COVID-19 Affecting Our State?

The State Demography Office recently held their annual Demography Summit, which explores data and trends in the state’s population and economy. Not surprisingly, most of this year’s summit focused on COVID-19 and its implications for our state. Video presentations from the summit, which was held virtually this year, can be found on the event website. Presentations focused on COVID-19 data and trends included

  • COVID-19 and Housing
  • Economic Conditions Pre- and post-COVID-19
  • Colorado Population Trends and the Impact of COVID-19
  • Colorado’s Public Health Response to a Pandemic

The Demography Office also has put together a COVID-19 map series. In addition, this year’s summit also offered presentations on other topics including Census updates and general population trends.

Other Colorado state agencies have also compiled resources and data on COVID-19 and its effects on the state’s economy, such as an Economic Indicators Update from the Colorado Legislative Council.

See also these pages with COVID-19 information from state agencies: