Historic Preservation

In an effort to help save Colorado’s quickly vanishing historic buildings and sites, voters in 1992 approved a measure that would enable a portion of the gaming revenues from Central City, Blackhawk, and Cripple Creek to go toward historic preservation. The funds are administered by the State Historical Fund, a branch of the Colorado Historical Society, and to date they have overseen more than $125 million in grants going toward the preservation of sites as diverse as Mesa Verde, the State Capitol Building, and numerous historic schools, churches, libraries, ranches, theaters, town halls, courthouses, commercial buildings, community centers, and other types of buildings and sites throughout the state. Several of these projects have been highlighted in a documentary new to CoSPL’s collection, entitled “Saving Colorado’s Treasures.” This 50-minute DVD examines the stories behind the selected sites’ preservation, including interviews with the restoration architects and members of the community, that emphasize the many benefits of historic preservation. CoSPL also has a variety of other resources on historic preservation in Colorado, including titles such as “The Economic Benefits of Historic Preservation in Colorado.” For a list of suggested resources on historic preservation in CoSPL’s collection, see the bibliography at http://www.cde.state.co.us/stateinfo/slstphistbib.htm.

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