Future Avoided Cost Explorer (FACE:Hazards): A New Community Risk Assessment Tool

How much will natural hazards cost our state over the next three decades? A new tool developed by state agencies can help predict the economic effect of Colorado’s ever-increasing natural hazards between now and 2050. It’s called the Future Avoided Cost Explorer, or FACE:Hazards.

FACE:Hazards measures the current and future impacts from flood, drought and wildfire across multiple sectors of Colorado’s economy. County-level damages are analyzed under current and 2050 climate and population conditions to explore the effects of unmitigated development and increased hazard intensity on certain economies,” explains a press release from the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB). The interactive tool utilizes an ArcGIS StoryMap to explore risks and impact. Communities can use the information to assess risk by hazard type, sector/region, future scenario, or resilience action. In addition to the StoryMap, FACE:Hazards includes a detailed technical report.

FACE:Hazards was developed by the CWCB, the Colorado Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, and the Colorado Department of Local Affairs, along with partners from FEMA and Colorado State University.