Finding a Job During COVID-19

If you’re one of the many Coloradans either out of work or looking for a career change, Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (CDLE) has a helpful new resource for you. “Finding a Job During COVID-19″ is a weekly series of articles that take a look at the state’s top job postings, industries, and hiring trends. With information on both urban and rural jobs, these articles provide any Colorado job seeker with data on which industries are hiring, what they’re paying, and what benefits are available. Information on skills, training, and mapping a career path are also provided.

The state’s job search database, Connecting Colorado, also has resources on job searching during COVID-19. Their site includes an updated list of job trends, job search tips, and information for those claiming unemployment during COVID-19.

My Colorado Journey is another handy tool for job seekers. This free state resource can help you outline your goals and plan a customized career path. Create an account to access videos, training and education information, career interest surveys, and more.