Colorado’s State Symbols: The State Bird

The Lark Bunting was designated Colorado’s State Bird in 1931. It is a black and white bird that makes its home on the plains of Colorado from April to September, then flies south in the winter. You can find more about lark buntings from the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s lark bunting page, including where to look for them. Check out some of the publications from our library for more information on this and other Colorado songbirds:

  • Colorado Breeding Birds Atlas
  • Wonders on the Wing: Colorado’s Migratory Songbirds
  • Colorado Wildlife Viewing Guide
You might also enjoy The Birds of Colorado, a historical publication from 1897 which includes some information on the Lark Bunting.

1 thought on “Colorado’s State Symbols: The State Bird

  1. As a resident of the western slope, it's always annoyed me that our "state" bird only lives on the eastern slope. But we western slopers are like that. The only state "symbol" that's more annoying is that Rocky Mountain High is now a co-state song with the venerable Land Where the Columbines Grow–but at least they didn't get rid of the better of the two songs.

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