Colorado’s Points of Geological Interest (POGI)

Summer is almost over but there is still time for some visits to some of the many points of geological interest across the state. “Colorado’s Magnificent POGIs”, the spring 2006 issue of RockTalk published by the Colorado Geological Survey contains a wonderful guide to POGIs that have guided activities in the form of interpretive presentations, hikes or tours; self-guiding hikes or drives; museum exhibits; roadside displays; or educational seminars where geology is a primary topic of interest.
“Colorado’s Magnificent POGIs” is divided up into areas of interest including: Fossil and dinosaur activities; Minerals, mine tours, and mining-related activities; General and scenic geology activities; Cave tours; Geology seminars; and Undeveloped POGIs. POGIs range from the newly renovated Colorado Convention Center to Dinosaur National Monument straddling the Colorado/Utah border. Each entry in the guide has an annotation that includes a description, telephone numbers and web addresses.

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