Colorado Caucus

Now that all the hullabaloo has ended over the Iowa Caucus, life goes on and caucuses are conducted more quietly in the remaining states. The Colorado caucus for presidential candidate selection is scheduled to take place on February 5th this year. The Democratic and Republican Parties will both hold a caucus to poll public preference for their presidential candidates. To learn about the election process, try the following resources:

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3 thoughts on “Colorado Caucus

  1. I found all sorts of information on getting involved in the Democrat process. There is a link to a pdf with instructions on how to become a delegate, etc. Where is this type of info for the GOP?? Do you not want people to be involved?

  2. You might want to check out our updated post: 2010 Election. We've included links to the Republican and Democratic party pages as well as a list of other political parties in Colorado. Unfortunately, we do not have control over the content on the political party pages. If the GOP site lacks information about the caucuses you may need to contact them for more information.

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