Colorado Artists

Our library collection contains a number of biographies on Colorado fine artists.  Titles of interest in our collection include:

  • “The Art of ‘Nettie’ Bromwell,” by Maria Matthews, Colorado Heritage, Spring 1997.
  • “C. Waldo Love:  Denver Artist,” by Stan Cuba, Colorado Heritage, Jan/Feb 2012.
  • “The Cowboy, the Indian, and the Buckaroo:  Alexander Phimster Proctor in Colorado,” by Peter H. Hassrick, Colorado Heritage, Summer 2003.
  • Denver Artists Guild:  Its Founding Members, by Stan Cuba.  History Colorado, 2015.
  • “Eve Drewelowe:  Boulder Artist,” by Stanley L. Cuba, Colorado Heritage, Summer 1990.
  • Herndon Davis:  Painting Colorado History, by Thomas J. Noel and Craig W. Leavitt, University of Colorado, 2016.
  • “Impressions of a Renaissance:  The Artists of Denver National Bank,” by Jack Henry Kunin, Colorado Heritage, Summer 2002.
  • Irene Jerome Hood:  A Victorian Woman and Her Art, by Georgianna Congiguglia, Colorado Historical Society, 1982.
  • Masterpieces of Colorado:  A Rich Legacy of Landscape Painting.  Colorado Council on the Arts, 2007.
  • “Paul Gregg:  The City Room Was His Studio,” by Georgianna Contiguglia, Colorado Heritage, Summer 1990.
  • “Seeing Allen True:  The Life and Art of an American Muralist,” by Alisa Zahller, Colorado Heritage, Sept/Oct 2009.
  • “Vance Kirkland:  Confronting Colorado in Art,” by Stanley Cuba, Colorado Heritage, Summer 2001.
  • “Western Visions:  Colorado’s New Deal Post Office Murals,” by Mary Motian-Meadows, Colorado Heritage, Autumn 1991.

Many of these artists’ works can be seen exhibited in local galleries, government buildings, universities, and museums such as History Colorado; the Denver Art Museum; the Kirkland Museum of Decorative and Fine Arts; and the American Museum of Western Art.