Cannabis Production Information

Cannabis growers in Colorado are required to follow certain rules and regulations.  The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA)’s website has several resources that can help producers or prospective producers raise cannabis safely and legally.

CDA has recently launched their Pesticide Use in Cannabis Production page.  Here you can find information on the Colorado Pesticide Applicator Act; the Governor’s Executive Order on marijuana and pesticides; federal worker protection standards; a list of pesticides allowed for use on cannabis; and other associated rules and regulations.

In Colorado certain seed varieties have been approved for growing industrial hemp.  The CDA’s Industrial Hemp webpage lists approved seed varieties and contains videos, fact sheets, registration forms, inspection information, and more.  The page also includes fact sheets and FAQs to help both producers and consumers to understand the difference between hemp and marijuana and other hemp facts.

To find out about home growing, as well as other marijuana laws and information, go to the state’s marijuana website.