“A Walk Through the System” – A Resource for Victims

One of the most frequently accessed resources in our library collection is A Walk Through The System: A Guide for Victims and Survivors. This guidebook was put together by victims’ services staff at the Colorado Department of Corrections. Victims may understandably be anxious or curious about what will happen to the person who committed the crime against them, and what their punishment will be like. The guidebook explains how the correctional system works, as well as outlining victims’ rights.

A Walk Through The System explains, with photos, the different levels of custody and security; how offenders receive medical care and other services; how time served is calculated; “a day in the life of an inmate;” how inmate work programs are structured; and basic facts about all of Colorado’s correctional institutions. Colorado crime victims – or anyone interested in how the Colorado correctional system works – will find this a helpful and supportive guidebook. Victims may also be interested in these other helpful publications:

Additionally, those who work with victims may be interested in Making Sense of the Unimaginable: How Law Enforcement Can Support the Families and Friends of Unsolved Homicide Victims, from the University of Colorado Denver’s School of Public Affairs.