Your Colorado L.I.F.E.: Taxes, Business, and More

Are you 1) new to Colorado, 2) planning for college and career, or 3) interested in starting your own business in Colorado? If you answered yes to any of these three questions — or just want to learn more about how taxes and finances work in Colorado — take a look at Your Colorado L.I.F.E. (Links and Information for Everyone), a helpful website from the Colorado Department of Revenue. Your Colorado L.I.F.E. is “packed full of useful information so you will know your options and make the right choices to be a successful Colorado Resident.” You’ll find easy-to-understand information on topics including

  • Why, where, and how state taxes are collected and used
  • Information on income tax collection & filing
  • How taxes impact college, career, and car choices
  • Information on starting a business
  • History of where taxes come from and how they are used
  • Links to federal & state websites

and much more. You can also find many helpful resources at our library. Browse our catalog or contact us at