Wolves in Colorado

The prospect of wolves migrating into Colorado is a polarizing topic. Consequently, last week when a lone wolf was spotted in the Northern Colorado mountains, it made newspaper headlines, and the Division of Wildlife posted the story and video on its web site. Colorado has no plans to reintroduce wolves; but in anticipation of their arrival, in 2004 the DOW held meetings around the state, formed a diverse working group, and produced Findings and Recommendations for Managing Wolves That Migrate Into Colorado, Dec. 2004. When the federal management of wolves is turned over to the state, the DOW will implement the plan.

For more information about about wolves, link to a brief summary called Wolves, Knocking at Colorado’s Door, 2004. A survey, Colorado Residents’ Attitudes and Perceptions Toward Reintroduction of the Gray Wolf (Canis Lupis) into Colorado, 1995 is available in hard copy. In addition, there is a wealth of information on the DOW’s Gray Wolf web site, covering many aspects of this controversial issue, such as laws, economic and ranching impacts, biology, maps, and other states’ management plans.

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