The Court of Last Resort

The Colorado Supreme Court is indeed the state’s court of last resort and its decisions are binding on all other state courts.
Governor Owens recently appointed a new member to the Supreme Court, Allison Eid of Golden. She is the 95th person to serve and will have a provisional term of two years after which she must stand for retention to serve an additional ten years. Judges serve ten year terms. The Chief Justice is selected from the members of the body and, among other duties, appoints a Chief Judge for each of the state’s 22 judicial districts.
It’s possible to search the opinions of the Colorado Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. The Colorado State Publications Library has reports from the Court including The State of the Judiciary (SC1.11/year), special reports, Research Links plus historical reports such as Rules of the Supreme Court of the State of Colorado: in effect January 22, 1917 (SC1.6/1917).

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