Tips for Safe Holiday Shopping

The holiday shopping season has arrived, and unfortunately, there are “grinches” out there who want to scam you.  Take a look at the Attorney General’s Consumer Holiday Guide for some great tips about secure shopping as well as information about charity fraud.

Additionally, here are some tips from the Colorado Division of Banking on how to shop securely, whether online or in person:

  1. Budget for your expenses so you do not place yourself in recurring debt after the holidays.
  2. When shopping online, ensure you are using secure websites. Hackers and scammers can create duplicate websites that mimic your trusted retailer.
  3. Check the authenticity of the website by going directly to the company website for a direct link versus searching online for the retailer.
  4. You will never be asked for your PIN number online, do not enter it for any reason. PIN numbers give scammers and thieves direct access your banking information.
  5. Report any suspicious activity on your account or card immediately.
  6. Make sure the seller has a listed address or toll-free number that you can contact if you are not satisfied with your purchase.
  7. If purchasing an item online, never send cash. The safest way to make a purchase online is through credit card.