Time Machine Tuesday: Winter Wildlife

In 1989, the Colorado Division of Wildlife issued a publication entitled Tales of Winter as part of their “Colorado’s Wildlife Company” series.  Taking a look at the survival of wildlife during the winter season, especially in regards to their relationship with humans, the publication starts with the question “is there a future for wildlife in Colorado?”  The publication references an 1987 report, Wildlife 21:  A Report to the Governor, the Legislature, and the People of Colorado on the Future of Wildlife into the 21st Century, which is available in print from our library.  Tales of Winter sums up the report in addition to discussing winter adaptations, feeding, identifying tracks in snow, and more.

Ermine, from Tales of Winter

More than a quarter century later, we can say that yes, Colorado wildlife continues to thrive.  Numerous publications from the Division of Wildlife (now Colorado Parks and Wildlife) are available to tell the story of wildlife in Colorado.  Check our library’s web catalog for more wildlife publications.