Time Machine Tuesday: State of the State Speeches

The 2018 legislative session begins tomorrow, and traditionally the first week of the session includes a “State of the State” speech from the governor to the legislature as well as a “State of the Judiciary” speech from the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court. Looking back on historical speeches provides valuable insight on the economy, politics, and culture of the state at that time as well as on the processes of state government. You can find many of these speeches online from our library.

Trivia:  Which Colorado governor said the following in their State of the State address? (Answers below).

1. “It’s inspiring to stand here with you at the state of a new legislative session. Actually, it’s a little like fly fishing. Fly fishing is about hope and possibilities. Every time you cast a line, drop a fly onto the water or move to a new spot, there’s a new opportunity for a promising return.”

2. “This is serious business which is committed to you and to me. We cannot do it creditably unless we have sufficient breadth of view and strength of character to keep on terms of mutual respect.”

3. “Amid a storm of invectives such as no previous governor of the state has ever encountered, and which insisted that the present state executive should violate his oath of office and surrender his conscience into the hands of a moneyed aristocracy, a special session of the general assembly was called and held one year ago.”

4. “Balancing the books is not the sexy stuff, but if the budget is wrong, nothing else can be right. Just ask Congress.”

1. Bill Ritter, 2009.  
2. Henry Buchtel, 1907.
3. Davis Waite, 1895.
4. John Hickenlooper, 2014.