Time Machine Tuesday: Germans from Russia in Colorado

Between 1975 and 1978, Colorado State University undertook a study of the progress and achievements of Germans from Russia in Colorado.  According to the study,

The Germans from Russia are the second largest ethnic group in Colorado and one of the most important contributors to the historic development of the state. Arriving around the1880’s, they became primarily the mainstay of the sugar beet growing and processing industries. Within two generations, they rose from field hands to fill leading positions in business, education, culture, and the political life of the state. Their remarkable advance from immigrant status to community leaders is one of the great American “success stories” of the twentieth century, and contemporary descendants of these hardy pioneers take justifiable pride in their cultural legacy. 


The study included an oral history project, a library collection, lectures and presentations, and “scores of surveys, reports and papers” on the subject.  The above link connects to the final report of the three-year study, available from our library.  We also have a more detailed year-end report from 1976 that offers a lengthy bibliography on resources about the Germans from Russia.