Time Machine Tuesday: Colorado School Buildings, 1910

A new addition to the State Publications Library’s digital collection is School Buildings, published by the Colorado Department of Public Instruction in 1910. This publication was issued by the state’s education department in order to provide superintendents and school districts with guidance on better planning and construction for school buildings. In an era when many schools were little more than simple cabins, School Buildings provided guidance on how to build a school with adequate sanitation, heating and ventilation, emergency exits and other safety features, and an overall design that was comfortable and conducive to learning. The booklet provided commentary from architects as well as sample blueprints, floorplans, and photographs of exemplary school buildings.

Researchers looking into the history of Colorado schools and school architecture will find School Buildings a valuable primary resource. Additional information on the history of Colorado schools can be found in the Biennial Reports of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.