Time Machine Tuesday: College and University Histories on Film

Over the past couple of years several of Colorado’s public higher educational institutions have celebrated milestone anniversaries. Others, while perhaps not celebrating a formal anniversary, are still proud of their past. Whatever the reason, each of the following colleges and universities has put together short films documenting their past and their people:

A still from Arapahoe Community College in the 1960s.

Arapahoe Community College has produced two videos that look at specific decades through photographs: Arapahoe Community College in the 1960s and Arapahoe Community College in the 1970sThey have also produced a series of oral history interviews with retired faculty and staff.

Last year Colorado Mountain College celebrated their 50th anniversary. They put together this video to commemorate the event. It includes interviews and lots of old photos and artifacts.

Aims Community College also celebrated their 50th anniversary last year. They created this video to tell the story of their college.

2016 marked the 50th anniversary of Metropolitan State University of Denver. Check out their series of commemorative videos here.

The University of Colorado – Colorado Springs celebrated their 50th in 2015. They also created a series of videos and interviews for the event.

For their 80th anniversary in 2013, Pueblo Community College created a three-part series commemorating the event and the college’s history.

Colorado School of Mines has captured the oral histories of some of its alumni from the 1960s and ’70s.

Community College of Aurora interviewed some of its founders for this video.

Fort Lewis College has produced “history of” videos for their Environmental Center’s 25th Anniversary and their Community Concert Hall’s 20th. For the history of the College as a whole, check out the book Rich Heritage, Shining Future: Fort Lewis College 1911-2011 from our library.

The nursing school at the University of Colorado created A Legacy of Innovation: History of the University of Colorado College of Nursing, which can be checked out on DVD from our library.