Time Machine Tuesday: 1882 Colorado Earthquake

Earthquakes in Colorado?  Yes, earthquakes are certainly possible in Colorado, and on November 7, 1882, Colorado was hit by an earthquake thought to be centered in the northern Front Range.  A century later, in 1986, the Colorado Geological Survey published a report, An Interpretation of the November 7, 1882 Colorado Earthquake by Robert M. Kirkham and William P. Rogers.  The report stated that “this earthquake was probably the largest to occur in Colorado during the period of historic record.  A similar-sized event today could have significant impact on modern structures, possibly causing serious property damage and perhaps injury or death.”  The report analyzes the historic writings of the time, including newspaper articles, to get an idea of the intensity of the earthquake.  It speculates on how the event was covered in the press — or not.  Finally, the report draws conclusions about the earthquake’s causes.

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