Sunrise and Sunset Reviews

No, I’m not talking about the “wow, what a beautiful sunset!” type reviews.  In this case, sunset and sunrise reviews are a set of reviews published by the Department of Regulatory Agencies on regulations for professions or services that are about to expire (sunset) or begin (sunrise).  The reviews are published each fall and are all available from our library.  The purpose of the reviews is to inform Legislators and the public on whether a certain regulatory laws (such as the licensing of a profession) should be renewed for a specific set of time.  For example, some laws are given an expiration date after five or ten years, sort of as a pilot period.  The sunset review will discuss the merits of the law and provide recommendations on whether it should be renewed.  Sunrise reviews discuss possible new regulatory legislation.

You can find reviews by searching our library’s web catalog, or you can see an alphabetized list at the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies’ Office of Policy, Research, and Regulatory Reform  website for an archive of reviews, reviews in progress, and a review schedule.