Student Assessment Results

Last spring, 2,200 4th graders and 2,300 8th graders took the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) test, and yesterday the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) released the results.  According to the Department’s press release, “Colorado has more students who are proficient or above in math than most other states.  In reading, the percent of Colorado students who scored at proficient or above was about the same as students in other states.”  This test is sometimes referred to as the “Nation’s Report Card.”  You can view the results, as well as more information about the test and its 2016 administration, by clicking here.

This spring students also took the CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Success).  You can find those results here.  For further information including individual school performance data, see CDE’s SchoolView website.  This site provides data not only on assessments but also on programs, accountability, and more.  A key feature of the site is the Colorado Growth Model, which measures the growth and progress of individual schools and districts.