“State of the Judiciary” Speeches

Every odd-numbered year, the Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court delivers a “State of the Judiciary” address to the General Assembly. Normally, this occurs in the second week of January, the traditional week when the Legislature reconvenes for its 120-day session. However, this year, due to COVID-19, the 2021 session was pushed back. After an initial swearing-in and addressing of urgent business in January, legislators recessed until this week.

Earlier today, with the session now fully underway, Chief Justice Brian D. Boatright delivered the 2021 State of the Judiciary. This year, the speech mainly focused on investigations of misconduct in the Judicial Branch. Most years, however, the speech addresses how the functions of the two branches, the judicial and the legislative, work together in matters of state law. Speeches back to 1999 can be read online via the State Publications Library, while transcriptions of older speeches back to 1971 are available in hardcopy; contact the library for viewing information.

The Colorado Supreme Court has seven justices. You can learn more about the duties of the state’s “court of last resort” on the Judicial Branch website as well as in the court’s Historical Guide.