Snow and Ice

Last night heavy snow began piling up in Colorado. If you’re out driving, be careful – especially those not used to driving on icy, snowy roads. Before heading out, take a look at Slick Tips, the Colorado Dept. of Transportation’s handy winter driving guide, and check road conditions on

Planning some fun in the snow? If you’re into snowmobiling, Colorado State Parks has issued several brochures on the subject, including Colorado Snowmobiling Facts and Snowmobile Colorado!: Snowmobile Safety and You. Make sure you’re aware of what to do in case of an avalanche. In our library you will find Avalanche Wise: Your Guide to Avalanche Safety in Colorado. The Colorado Avalanche Information Center also offers safety courses.

If you’re interested in the science of snow, our library has many interesting publications on the subject, such as Colorado State University’s The Snow Booklet: A Guide to the Science, Climatology, and Measurement of Snow in the United States. Our library includes many research studies from both CSU’s Atmospheric Science Department and CU-Boulder’s Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, as well as from the Colorado Dept. of Natural Resources’ Colorado Avalanche Information Center. Also, we have an interesting CSU publication from 1901, Forests and Snow.