School Transportation

Teachers and students aren’t the only ones gearing up for back-to-school.  School bus drivers are currently training, testing, and brushing up their skills to keep kids safe during transportation.  The Colorado Department of Education (CDE)’s School Transportation Unit has recently released some new resources of interest to school bus drivers and district administrators.  See their webpage for several brand-new operating guides; rules from the Colorado Code of Regulations; presentations; review schedules; and instructions on how districts can access over 600 school bus training videos.  Also on the webpage is a link to the Colorado Commercial Driver’s License manual.  Click on the navy-blue links on the left for information on transporting students with disabilities; bus dealer information; a terrain classification map for mountain driving; and a “technician’s toolbox.”

Our library also has a number of publications on school transportation, including CDE’s First Aid Guide for School Bus Drivers and Bus Assistants. For more resources, search our library’s online catalog.