Safe Holiday Shopping and Giving

This is the week when many people start their holiday shopping. ‘Tis also the season for charitable giving. Unfortunately, both of those activities can be spoiled by scammers and cybercriminals. So, before you start your holiday spending, be sure to check out the Colorado Attorney General’s Consumer Holiday GuideThis booklet offers smart tips on how to avoid charity fraud; how to stay safe while shopping online or in stores; and how to protect yourself if you’re taking out a loan for the holidays. The guide also walks you through what to do if you do fall victim to a scrooge. In the guide you can learn about:

  • Ways to avoid theft of your holiday packages
  • How to tell if special offers are just attempts to obtain your personal information
  • Understanding extended warranties, contracts, and layaway plans
  • How to keep passwords, WiFi, and mobile devices secure
  • Avoiding fraud when using QR codes
  • Checking to make sure a charity is legitimate (hint: use, a consumer site sponsored by the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office and the Colorado Attorney General)

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