The recent closure of I-70 due to a huge rockfall in Glenwood Canyon made me curious to see what information I could find on landslides and rockfalls from Colorado state agencies. A great place to start is “Rockfall in Colorado” an issue of RockTalk from the Colorado Geological Survey. It has basic information on rockfalls, why they happen, and how rockfall events can be mitigated or avoided.

If you are more interested in the geological details and rockfall risk assessment, check out “Modification and Statistical Analysis of the Colorado Rockfall Hazard Rating System.” This report details a fascinating study conducted by the Colorado Department of Transportation, that analyzes the geological structures around Colorado, and ranks them based on the likelihood of potential rockfall.

Another useful source of information is the Colorado Geological Survey’s rockfall website.

We have many other publications on this topic in the State Publications Library collection. Just search our catalog using the keyword “rockfall” or “landslide” for a list of titles.

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